10 Reasons Why Everyone Falls In Love With Pune

The Booming IT industry

A Mumbai based superhero named ‘Superhero’ and an Average Pune Guy(APG) became friends.

APG visits Mumbai occasionally to spend time with his Mumbaikar grandparents and that’s how they became friends(we are not at liberty to reveal more about the exact circumstances they became friends, on request by Superhero).
While Superhero can be a tad egocentric and ultra-sensitive, APG loves boasting about his city. Here are edited excerpts from their conversations that also give you an idea of some great reasons to move to Pune.

1. Close to Hill Stations

Close to Hill Stations

Superhero : Can I tell you a secret? You know why I don’t fly?
Average Pune Guy(APG) : ’cause, unlike Superman, you can’t fly
Superhero(moving closer): Nah, that’s just a story I cooked up for the media. The fact is I can fly higher than any DC or Marvel character, way higher.
APG : Then, why don’t you?
Superhero(whispering) : ‘Cause I’m afraid of heights, even the idea of driving up a really steep road scares me like a chicken!
APG : Aw, that’s too bad…If you weren’t an acrophobic, you would have loved Pune! There are a whole lot of cool hill stations to visit near Pune with friends and family….hey, don’t cry! Take it easy. I’m sure they’ll come up with a cure soon, you know the advances medical science has made over the previous decades are tremendous!