10 Reasons Why Everyone Falls In Love With Pune


4. Shopping places to fit everyone’s budgets, and needs

Shopping places

Superhero : You know what bugs me the most about this whole superhero business? It’s the costume. And these aren’t exactly what you can buy from a shop, ready-made in your size.
APG : Ah, no such problems when you’re a common man in Pune-whatever you want, you can buy.
Superhero : Oh, yeah-where would you recommend for the real-guy-me when I visit?
APG : I don’t know about your financial background, but if you’re elite, you can go to Koregaon Park or MG Road to shop. If you’re a middle class joe like many, FC Road and JM Road are the places to visit. And I can see that your weird accent doesn’t belong anywhere, so I’m assuming you’re trying to hide your real accent. So, in case you are a Marathi, the Peth areas are for Marathi centric shopping.
Superhero: Aw, shudup! Why’re you calling my accent weird?