10 Reasons Why Everyone Falls In Love With Pune


7. Quality educational institutions

Quality educational institutions

(It’s a slow night, not many crimes show on the radar that Superhero has set up in his secret basement-at least none that he would need to interfere with. To while away the time, he’s chatting with APG online)
Superhero : m bugged thnkg bt how I keep myslf awake evry nyt 2 keep da city safe n yet no appreciation!
APG : wht ya mean?
Superhero : V suprheros r alwys discriminated agnst. Thre r no schools or colleges specially 4 suprhero kids, whn evryone knws v r spcial.
APG : dat’s tru. Evn pune doesnt hve that kinda places. Tho for ordnry people pune has gr8 places 4 education. pune’s also called the oxford of east, u know?
Superhero : oh is that so? ..well, dat’s ..wait! is dat a muggin’? ya it is. Gottago!