10 Reasons Why Everyone Falls In Love With Pune


9. Sporting Spirit


Superhero : You know what happened yesterday? I was playing cricket with some dudes in the neighborhood and I got carried away and whacked the ball all the way to Mars.
APG : And so now they know who you are!
Superhero : Not really, just after the incident I mind wiped them-so they won’t remember it…You know, I sometimes wish there were leagues for different sports-made up entirely by super heroes. Just like the IPL that lesser mortals have. In fact, Pune would be the best place to hold the super hero matches. I’ve seen everything from Kabbadi to football and tennis being represented by Pune.
APG : Yeah, that’s a great idea! All the superheroes coming out into the open and making sports leagues, man!
Superhero(sighs) : We can only talk about it.
APG : Why:
If all the superheroes shed their secrecy and revealed who they really are, we and our families will be in peril from our enemies, of which we have many.
APG : Yeah, I guess..