5 times Kareena Kapoor Khan borrowed Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy style!


We didn’t understand till we noticed Kareena Kapoor Khan step-out to kill maternity might appear so darn spectacular, one take a look at a period. Yes! Stereotypes -to-be are literally splitting together with her maternity design. Although they claim you CAn’t use pumps when you’re preggers, Bebo is ensuring she measures out in her pumps with assurance and pure convenience. Some actually claim you have to use freely fit wear coz oops! why display the infant bundle? But Bebo is splitting that tradition also by displaying just how you are able to rock your child bundle sporting a body that is good -embracing gown! Oh! We’re currently falling lacking phrases to sum Kareena’s awesomeness up. This the very first time a Bollywood celebrity is placing such daring design claims despite having a baby, and of course. But you are reminded by hey, doesn’t design of Hollywood’s Ellie Kardashian? I would like to demonstrate how…
Consider for example this newest image of Kareena heading all attractive for the reason that thigh-high and elegant slit dress. Without doubt, she’s producing our teeth fall using what Kim used in the Givenchy Spring 2016 Display however it moves so much in-sync. Yes! The the one that had an identical slit going her leg up. Don’t you believe so?

Stripy affair

Where Kim opted for a black and white striped dress, Kareena decided to go for a red and white maxi dress. And boy, are we finding it difficult to choose who looks better? I mean, look how comfortably Bebo has picked Kim’s maternity style book as her guide to stay sexy…

Black game on


Here we compare Kareena’s tight fitted black dress at the Global Citizen show to that of Kim’s way of slaying it black, over and over again. Take for instance the above picture. If you look at Bebo’s look, it’s so much like a replica of what Kim is wearing – right from the overcoat to the fitting of the body-hugging dress…

Put ‘off’ that ‘shoulder’


Then we have the off shoulder style that again is a leaf out of Kim’s maternity style book. Kareena in that beautiful peach maxi gown, or Kim in that nude shade gown? I’m sure you are going to have a tough time to decide who’s hotter!

All things white


And lastly, we show you how even a pregnant woman can rock white. I mean, usually ladies prefer wearing dark, printed outfits to hide their baby bump. But just like how Kim stepped out in that white shirt, Kareena was seen opting for a white kurti with similar accessories. And we might as well add, such stunners.