Akshay Kumar is really playing an evil villain in 2.0, probably a supervillain


So Akshay Kumar is really playing an evil villain in 2.0, probably a supervillain. And he is going to fight against the smartest android Chitti, played by Rajinikanth. 2.0 is the, in the words of director Shankar, a spiritual successor to the 2010 blockbuster Enthiran/Robot. That means though Rajinikanth will play the same characters of geeky scientist Vaseegaran and the android Chitti, the story will be purely new. So that will explain Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s absence from the new film, when she was the main heroine. Now she is replaced by the lovely Brit import Amy Jackson. The other members of the cast are Adil Hussain, Sudhanshu Pandey and Malayalam actor Kalabhavan Shajon. It is also said that Rajinikanth will also have a third of that of a villain.

While we have already discussed how we found the proper first look of the film, 2.0, similar to certain Hollywood posters, we will now talk about Akshay Kumar’s look from the film. As you are aware, even before the first look of the film was revealed, Akshay Kumar’s look as the devilish villain was revealed. Wit those those white unruly hair, golden scary eyes, long black nails, Akshay Kumar is near unrecognisable as the darned creature. Seeing him in this avatar, I wonder what’s with director Shankar and his insistence in making good looking heroes ugly, like he made Kamal Haasan an old man in Indian, Vikram was both a devil and deformed hunchback in I and now Akshay Kumar.