Aww Summer Sign : Meet Bollywood’s 8 water babies who love chilling in the pool!


Summer’s formally here while you can easily see everyone so that they don’t get lost from rays warm transporting shades and their creams. But while some sunlight soaks up among the greatest methods to cool-down heat happens to be to possibly chill within the swimming. If it weren’t not so awfully cold, because of globalwarming, sun-tanning and striking the seaside would’ve been favorite exercise for summertime! And because that happening, where they quickly confirmed summertime who the chef is we chose to take a look at images of those superstar photoshoots!

Using the April’s beginning month, it’s greatly apparent that summertime has ascended it’s, actually throne to torture everybody. But contact these stars who’re ruling the growing season using their awesome swimming avatars are absolutely can’ted by summertime! Though some of the images are from aged photoshoots however, these images may educate you on just how to stay-cool while sibling performs his hard rays card and constructed this year. Alia Bhatt – Sidharth Malhotra’s Style shoot and some more , got the real thing! While providing us main fridge seems check-out how incredibly these stars have drawn off the swimming appears!



Deepika Padukone in gold bikini

Sonam kapoor in white bikini

Nargis Fakhri on Hello mag

Lisa Haydon in white bikini