Aww: This Actress Babysat Abram Khan When Shah Rukh Khan Was Busy!


You realize we love Shah Rukh Khan‘s boy small Abram a tiny bit. He appears like, our favorite celebrities acknowledge, and is a lot of too-cute! Whenever we put out to speak about fun stuff along with Lover, SRK created the truth.

Parineeti Chopra had sent in a question asking King Khan when she can babysit “marshmallow Abram”

He said:

You know, I’ve actually spoken to Abram and we’re letting the nanny go. And I was just waiting for you (Parineeti) to finish your next film. Finish the dubbing, and please hang out with Abram full time. He loves you.

He added:

It’s so strange we’re talking about it now. When I was doing the song Jabra Fan, she was shooting here only. And she really did babysit AbRam, while I was shooting the song.

Aww <3