Back from LA, Priyanka Chopra will be making her FIRST appearance at this Bollywood awards show!


And our Desi girl is finally back! While Priyanka Chopra posted a picture from her Mumbai bound flight this morning. We just figured out that her first red carpet appearance on her return is going to be at the popular Star Dust Awards 2016. Yes! Probably it was supposed to be a surprise but all thanks to Parineeti Chopra who tweeted to her saying, “Never been so nervous in my life. Giving a tribute to my sister and the best stage performer. cant even try and match upto her!!!!”

Priyanka had to reply back to boost her confidence saying, “You will be amazing and I’ll be there to watch and cheer! Big hug” So there you go…. But wait, now you may ask how can we say with so much assurance that they are referring to Star Dust Awards? Well, coz Parineeti herself has been sharing rehearsal videos since morning with one of the videos also showing her perform on Desi Girl. So Stardust it is! Are we excited?