Bigg Boss 10: Is Bani J the new villain of the BB house?


As Gurbani Judge aka Bani J, Gaurav Chopra and Rahul Dev burn the midnight oil to complete their punishment, they manage to give their fellow contestants a good night’s rest. The following day, at breakfast, Navin will request Om Swami to sing a particular bhajan. But instead of hearing the bhajan, he is to witness a choked up Swami who reveals that the bhajan resonates with his life and makes him feel like a failure.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss will ask the celebrities to elect three contenders who performed exceptionally well during the luxury budget task to compete for immunity. While discussing the names, Mona Lisa to get into an argument with Rahul because as per her, the team doesn’t recognize her efforts. After discussions, celebrities will elect Bani, Lopamudra, and Mona. For the task, the contenders to be given a pair of skis with three shoes attached to it. The contestant who stays on the skis for the longest time will win immunity. During the task, the other contestants are not allowed to help these three in any manner.

Bigg Boss will ask Navin to monitor the task. Soon, Lopamudra Raut will start feeling a little cold and Rohan Mehra quietly keeps her shawl in a corner from where she could pick it up. Om Swami notices this and taunts Rohan about it. And, when Lopamudra picks up the shawl, Navin orders her to give it back. Further, when Lokesh attempts to serve lunch to Bani, Navin asks Lokesh to take the food back saying that if Bani wants to eat something, she would need to help herself.

Annoyed with Navin’s behavior, Bani will argue with him about his unfair behavior. During the task, Mona gives up because her back will start hurting. And, Swami decides to help her by giving her a back massage. With only Bani and Lopa in the running, the competition turns aggressive as Bani tries her best to win.

Will Lopa get hurt by Bani’s maneuvers? Is the reality TV star turning out to be the new villain in BB10?

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