Gehraaiyaan: A mysteriously horrifying tale, surely not for the faint hearted


It’s a matter of fact when we say noone can do justice to horror stories more than the Bhatts.

The Bhatt clan and horror stories go hand in hand. And that’s exactly what Vikram Bhatt’s Gehraaiyaan proves yet again.

Starring Sanjeeda Shaikh and Vatsal Seth, this story is sure to send chills down your spine.Directed by Sidhant Sachdev, the story is perfect amalgamation of thrill and fear.

The character Reyna who is back to work after a year does justice to being fearful and frightened for life. Her surgeon boyfriend is at her side throughout.He helps her deal with the supernatural powers that barricade her work. Her mysterious neighbour Sahil comes to her rescue at the right time whenever required. A horrifying experience that is sure to jerk you off your seats, is what Gehraaiyaan is all about. Whether a literal spooky story or a mystery tale is something that viewers will need to unfold with time.

Gehraaiyaan is another feather added on to the success hat of Vikram Bhatt after his successful series like  Maaya, Twisted and Spotlight.