Good news! Adnan Sami blessed with a baby girl; calls her a “lucky charm”


Adnan Sami has been blessed with a baby girl with his third wife, Roya Sami. The happy couple has named their child Medina Sami Khan. An overwhelmed Adnan Sami has even released an official statement saying, “Medina is the most incredible thing that’s happened to us. Both Roya and I always wanted a daughter and she is already my lucky charm. I have found a new inspiration for my music through her and she is going to be the center of my world. Both mother and child are healthy and are doing fine.” We can imagine how happy Adnan Sami must be right now.

Adnan also expressed his joy on Twitter as he wrote,  “Roya & I hv bin blessed wt an angelic baby girl. We’ve named her Medina Sami Khan. Prayed for a daughter. Over Joyed! #daddyslittlegirl” We won’t be surprised if Adnan Sami eventually turns out to become a doting daddy as and how his baby girl grows up.

This reminds us of the time when Adnan had called himself an incurable romantic while commenting about his remarriages in an interview. He said, “I am an incurable romantic. I am even in love with the idea of being in love and hence, I write a lot of love songs. My sense of loyalty is also extreme. But I also believe that sometimes things are just not meant to be. I respect my earlier two wives for the times we shared and for being a part of my life and like to remove negativities. I have a son from my first marriage and he lives with his mother in Karachi. Roya and I are keen to start a family.”

The musician was recently honoured with the Asian Award from the British Parliament’s House of Lords for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Music’ and considers Medina as his good luck charm. While accepting the award, Sami said, “I dedicate this award to my late father and receive it in the name of India.” Adnan also talked about his Indian citizenship. He said, “I have lived in India for 17 years. India is my ‘karambhoomi’. I have lived in various countries but my heart was always in India due to the love showered on me by the people here.”

Congratulations to Adnan and his wife on the arrival of their new little bundle of joy.