Here’s What’s Unique About The Striptease Scene From Befikre!


Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor‘s Befikre created history by launching its trailer at Eiffel Tower. Looks like the film walked down the road not taken yet again with an integral scene in the film. According to a report in DNA, Vaani and Ranveer’s characters throw crazy dares at each other, one of which was shot at the iconic location of Opera Garnier and its national library in Paris. If you’ve watched the title track, you couldn’t have missed the scene where Vaani accepts Ranveer’s dare and does a striptease in the library. What sets this apart is that this scene was shot at a location that was never given out for filming before.

A source reportedly told DNA:

A lot of key Paris locations in the song have never been used for filming before. Aditya Chopra wanted the city to be seen from an insider lens of Paris employed while shooting it. And you can see that in the song. In fact, one such key dare captures a slice of Parisian history — the first use of the iconic location of Opera Garnier and its national library, for which the City Hall made an exception for us; they never give it out for filming. We also shot on top of the terrace of the Opera Garnier, a location so gorgeous it’s a surprise that no one has ever shot there before. Only four people were allowed up there, including Ranveer and Vaani! Yet we managed to pull that off and this portion looks brilliant in the song.

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