How To Change Font On Android Without Root


Android smartphones are easy to use and also cost effective mobile device. We can access internet, share files, play games, Send Email, capture picture, make video, Audio recording and various other amazing features. Android phones are become a necessary part of life. Without smartphone device like android we can’t imagine our professional plus entertainment life together. Android device perform various task according to different occasions. Because of these flexibilities and low cost Android devices are very popular. Android devices have Linux based OS which is independent of Hardware.
Android phones have their own system fonts which are simple and not much attractive. To make our Android phone more attractive. We need more custom fonts then you to change font on android. These fonts can be installed on both rooted Android device and Unrooted Android device. Normally to make android device more attractive we change GUI by installing custom roms on android. But to install them we need to root our android device. As i already wrote about how to root the Android device. So you can follow that guide. There are many pros and cons of android rooting. As we can install root apps on android which are amazed. On the other hand we all have different choices in fonts. So if you want to change font on android device without root. Then here we are going to explain all the possible ways to change font on android without or with rooting android device.

How To Change Font On Android Phones.


Method 1st:- Using GO Launcher Ex (For Non Rooted Phone).

GO launcher Ex is one the popular Android phone launcher app that allow you to change your system fonts and provide your Android device a new look with amazing colors and styles. It also provide different types of wallpapers to make our screen more attractive. It is available on Google PlayStore for free. It can also lock Apps with Pattern and pin lock. It support 4M apk to increase our phone performance. It also provide XX transition effect to each slide. It is a light weight application with attractive and easy to use interface. Approx having 200 million users. As i already listed out some best android launchers.

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Change Font On Android Using GO Launcher EX.

Step 1. First of all install GO Launcher from Google Play Store or by clicking the button below.

Download GO LauncherStep 2. Secondly you have to install GO Launcher Fonts from the Play Store or by clicking the button below. GO launcher fonts is an Amazing App that provide different fonts.

Download Go Launcher Font

Download GO Launcher Fonts
Step 3. Open the Go Launcher App and from the home screen tap the Menu button at right corner.
Step 4. Select the preferences from the menu then look for the font option.
Go Launcher font settings tab
Step 5. Now you see the list of fonts then select the font of your choice.
Go Launcher fonts selection
Step 6. You can manually put the font files to the path /sdcard/GOlauncher Ex/fonts.
Step 7. After doing the changes, changes take place immediately without restarting the Phone.

Method 2nd:- Change Font On Android By Using Font Installer (For Rooted Android Phones).

Font Installer change for android root Font installer is one of the best Android App for changing the fonts of rooted device. It is available on Google Play Store for free. It allow you to install hundreds of custom fonts, preview, backup, install from SD card and also allow you to share our font. It allow you to give your phone a new look with many custom font. Approximately 5,000,000 install this App. It is a light weight App which provide simple to use interface.

Steps To Change Font On Android Using Font Installer App.

Step 1. Download and install Font installer App into your Android device by clicking the following button.

Download Font installer App

Step 2. Open and launch the App. Then look for the server Tab.
Font Installer settings
Step 3. In the server Tab you see a list of TTF font files which can be downloaded.  
Step 4. You can view and install any of the font from the list. Tap the desired font and click on install.
Font Installer change font
Step 5. After that you see a backup message. Once your font are backed up you will be prompted to reboot your phone to reflect the desired font.
Font Installer change font reboot

Steps To Use TTF Files.

Step 1. If you have downloaded TTF file then you can copy your font file to /sdcard directory.

Step 2. Run the Font installer App and Backup your previous font. You have to grant Superuser or SuperSU permission when prompted.

Step 3. Now click on the local tap and find the TTF file that you copy on the sdcard.

Step 4. Click on the desired TTF file that you want to use and tap the install option to make it system font.

Step 5. Reboot your device to reflect the changes.

So these are easy and best method to change font on android device with or without rooting. There are many other various apps and ways to change android device font. We only explain which are easy to use and implement. I hope you like this method for changing android font don’t forget to share it with others.