How To Delete/Remove All Members From Facebook Group At Once – 2017


Facebook is the biggest and most used social networking site today. People use it for various interests. Some use it to connect with friends, while others use it to advertise businesses. People can create groups for a topic to meet people with similar interests. Facebook Groups are like a community place for discussion. Group may be open group, closed group or it also be secret as depend on admins need. Their are million groups are created and many of new are regularly create by users. But sometime we create group and then our mind changes and we want to remove all members from Facebook group at once but as we know their no option on Facebook group to delete at once.  If  you want to delete Facebook groups easily but don’t find any way.

How To Remove All Members From Facebook Group ?

As we all are aware that there is no option to delete Facebook. So to proceed with that process we have to remove each and every person from that group to make group deletion option visible. But the another great issue is there even no option to remove all members at once from Facebook group. So we need to manually remove then one by one. No doubt that task will be better if having few hundreds otherwise this task going to be time consuming. To solve this panic situation just below below given steps.

  • First of all open that Facebook group which you want to delete.
  • Now Switch to members tab from navigation.
  • All group list will be visible and make sure you this from account having admin privileges.
  • Now right click anywhere and click on Inspect element or press F12 button from keyboard.
  • Now Copy each and every code given in below script.

Get Script

  • After that switch to console tab and paste copied script and press enter as shown below.

remove all friends fb group script

  • Without few removal process will begin and it will going to take time depend on total members. So its better to leave as it is until its done.

How To Delete Facebook Group. ?

  • After Removing all friends from group refresh it. Now only admin id will be left.

leave group option

  • Simply click on leave group and popup will appear to leave and delete group.

leave delete facebook group option

Hence, we suggest you to be very careful. Do not start this process unless you have made up your mind and are very sure that you want to delete your Facebook group. Because once it done it cannot be recovered. So make sure you have a backup of all the important information,files & photos in order to avoid inconvenience later.

In Conclusion, we hope that this guide will be helpful for you to remove all members from Facebook group and also able to delete Facebook group permanently. Please share your thoughts in comments below and share it as well.

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