“I can’t help her get over the depression:” Alia opens up about her sis Shaheen


Alia Bhatt’s sister recently opened up about her depression. She mentioned on her social media handle, that she has been suffering from depression since she was 13 years old.

When Alia was asked about it, she too spoke about her sister’s battle with depression. She said, “All those who are close to her know about it. It’s not as if she has never spoken about it before. She has, to her loved ones. Apart from depression, my sister suffers from insomnia. So we’ve spent many sleepless nights talking.”

She added, “Though my sister and I share a very honest relationship, nothing that I can say or do can help her situation. So yes, she has to constantly work herself out of her depression. Whenever she seeks me for companionship, I am there. Otherwise she is a strong person and she has to deal with it herself. No matter how much I love her, I can’t help her get over the depression. She has to do it on her own.”