It’s confirmed! Deepika Padukone to shoot for The Ellen DeGeneres Show on January 16


You saw Priyanka Chopra slaying it on Hollywood’s infamous show – The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While many loved PC’s debut appearance. There were also this certain number of fans who were terribly upset with how Ellen tried hard to dig into PC’s past by making sarcastic remarks like, “It’s a miracle that you made it this far.” But guess, that’s not going to stop Priyanka’s hot contemporary Deepika Padukone from taking on Ellen. Yes, we’ve just got to hear that Deepika has now been finalised to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in one of the upcoming episodes.

According to a source, the show will be shot on January 16 or 17, and will air in India on January 19 on Romedy Now. “Team Deepika and team Ellen have agreed to shoot one episode. Deepika’s episode has been listed for airing in the US on January 18, and in India on January 19,” said a source aware of the developments. There will be one more guest on the show that day – Matt LeBlanc.” Now can it get any bigger than this?

We can already anticipate this is going to be one helluva episode. In fact, this will also turn out to be Deepika’s first ever Hollywood talk show and what better than debuting with Ellen, amirite? Oh! How we are dying to watch this episode already. Like if you have been following The Ellen Show, you would exactly know how you can pose no inhibitions when you’re on her show. It’s as frank/honest/bitchy/controversial as it gets…

Let’s see how Deepika passes the Ellen test. In fact, in that case, can we also expect Deepika on The Jimmy Fallon Show next, if at all she’s going by Priyanka’s path? All said and done, you can drop your thoughts in the comments below as we’ll be back with more updates on this hot story, right here only on BollywoodLife.  PS: Deepika will also be hosting Vin Diesel in India from January 12-13 for a brief promotional visit of xXx: Return Of Xander Cage. Aren’t we loving this Bollywood-Hollywood exchange programme? I’m sure we are!