Just in! Shah Rukh Khan drops in at birthday boy Aamir Khan’s house!


Aamir Khan rang in his 52nd birthday with the media today. The perfectionist star spoke at length about his career and movies and addressed all questions that were thrown his way. The birthday boy, who was in good spirits also spoke about his friend Shah Rukh Khan. He mentioned that SRK has invited him for dinner but clarified that they were only meeting as friends and it is definitely not work-related.

However, it seems SRK could not wait to catch up with the birthday boy as he was spotted entering Aamir’s residence in the wee hours of the morning. That’s right, our photogs spotted Shah Rukh meeting Aamir at his home. Well, the superstars apparently caught up on the occasion of Aamir’s birthday and exchanged pleasantries. Isn’t that sweet?

Recently, the two friends also caught up in Dubai at businessman Ajay Bijli’s birthday celebration. SRK had also taken to Instagram to share the very first selfie of himself and Aamir.

Shah Rukh and Aamir have never featured in a movie together except for a special scene in a 1993 movie Pehla Nasha. ​Well, we would love to see the two scorch the screen with their chemistry, wouldn’t we? The two have however worked with the other Khan – Salman in several movies.