Lady Gaga Surprises Us With Something That We Would Totally Wear!


Whenever you believe Woman Gaga you’d be hard-pressed to not believe ‘out there’ (atleast when it comes to her style options) but her current look at Macy’s is informing another story. The National retail giant joined up with Gaga John included in their Macy’s National Symbols strategy to produce a small edition assortment of apparel and components, Love Courage encourage love and to combat bias.

Lady Gaga (Courtesy: Image Collect)

Everything from her ripped jeans, to the basic black tube top, brown booties, and most importantly, the jacket embellished with motifs of music and love, is amazing. Even in terms of accessories, the earrings, chains and the shades are so cool, especially with Gaga’s voluminous blonde hair!

P.S: 25% of the sales proceeds go towards the Elton John AIDS Foundation & the Born This Way Foundation. How amazing is that? We can’t wait to see this collection that’s supposed to as vibrant and funky as the artists behind them!