MediaVenus – Native Advertising Network

mediavenus is an internationally known Native Advertising Network that works with both CPC and CPM pricing models. We use a unique technology that allows you to adjust the ads to fit any website perfectly. The widget setting tools cover every option you might need and are easy to use.  We count effectivity of the ads separately for each widget and take interests of your audience into account.

What we offer

Highest earning – average CPC in our system is 0.05$, eCPM 0.07$

Average eCPM in Latin America – 1$, СРС 0.07

In Asia – CPC 0.03$

In Europe – eСРМ 0.7$, СРС 0.05


Average CTR -0.5%

Weekly payments

You can choose if you’d like any provocative ads to be shown

Personal Manager

Top tier Advertisers with goods that sell and let you monetize your traffic

Wide GEO

We accept websites of all verticals

Referral system

Ads Formats

Native Ads (CPC and CPM)

Banners (CPM)

Available Targeting Options




-Mobile Networks

– Languages

– Verticals

When you create an ad, you can add utm tags automatically or use macros to monitor and analyze the traffic you get in our Network. Available macros types are: [SID] — Website ID, [CID] — Campaign ID, [TID] — Ad ID.

If you find out that a certain website does not work for you, you can blacklist it right away.

Our support team is always ready to provide you assistance in creating widgets or placing a code, they will also answer every question you might have regarding our network and best ways to earn money with us.