Movie Review: Test Your Patience By Watching Mohenjo Daro This Long Weekend


I suppose since that’s the sensation with which individuals are strolling from the cinemas after viewing Mohenjo Daro Badlapur is trending on Facebook nowadays. The film is actually representative Ashutosh Gowariker‘s work of love. It’s a lot more than apparent that many of effort hasbeen put in this task. But sadly, the initiatives don’t truly translate on celluloid. E. Muraleedharan is stunning, particularly the opening picture. Therefore may be the top set of Hrithik Roshan (Sarman) and beginner Pooja Hegde (Chaani). But I can’t state the same about other things within the movie – not really my favorite A.R and ace musician. Music. Consider!

Mohenjodaro is first display referencing the historic Indus Valley culture. It’s centered on a few of the documentations by numerous archaeologists who’ve investigated exceptionally about the topic that was stated. Therefore obviously, it’s a large amount of dream along with a mixture of several details.

I would like to begin with the citizens of Mohenjo Daro’s choices. Well-installed off-shouldered clothes, thigh-high strappy leather shoes, slit robes along with a large amount of jewelry that was awesome would be the women’s clothing basics there. (The males also maintain it fashionable with extravagant mind things, twisted covers, shawls ETAL.) Chaani gowns differently from her entourage and the different women. The child of the priest, she’s “The Selected One” operating to Sindhu ma (the water) and it is likely to indicate the start of an influx of change within their property oneday. And exactly what a trend which was! Anyhow, returning to Chaani – she usually activities a bejewelled top having a large amount of feathers (those that obtained lots of flak from numerous historians) along side glowing cut out gowns.

A dishy bronze complexioned indigo farmer (who hunts crocodiles in his free time) from another faraway land, Sarman, loses his heart to her, the moment he lays his hazel eyes on her. What follows is a love story filled with a lot of twists, turns and drama. Mohenjo Daro is a fairytale which boasts of a robust hero, a dainty damsel, a bunch of really mean villains, some man-eating monsters and even a unicorn. For school kids, it might be a spicier audio-visual version of a history chapter. But for adults, it’s just a bland slow-paced patchy movie.

Hrithik looks hunky in every frame and even performs well in a handful number of sequences. He kills it (literally too) during a fight sequence with two huge monsters. That part actually had my heart racing as I found myself rooting for his character. But he tries too hard and goes quite overboard more than once.

Mohenjo Daro

But of course, Duggu ups the entertainment quotient of the snoozefest when he hijacks a couple of costume dance parties of the locals and shows off his moves to woo his lady. The video of the title track did remind me of my fancy dress and group dance competitions from school days.

Mohenjo Daro

Kabir Bedi slays with his voice and dialogue delivery as the ruthless and conniving politician Maham. Arunoday Singh is convincing as his badass son Moonja. Assamese model-turned-actor Diganta Hazarika as the Senate Chief Lothar shines. The youngster shows a lot of promise and manages to hold his fort even while sharing screen space with Hrithik. Pooja looks pretty and dazzles in the flick but doesn’t really get enough scope to showcase her acting chops – if she has any, that is.

Mohenjo Daro

Sharad Kelkar‘s role as Sarman’s dad Sujan is minuscule but impressive enough. The supporting cast has tried to give this one their all but some of them end up overacting in process. Special mention to the one who plays a crazy old man – for some reason, he gave the guy sitting next to me a reason to giggle (read laugh histerically) every time he made an appearance on screen. Poor chap didn’t intend to be funny though.

I’ve tried to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible. Feel free to thank me in the comments.

All said and done, you can give Mohenjo Daro a single dekko for its visuals IF you are ready to test your patience this long weekend.