“My fave”, says boyfriend Anand Ahuja as he posts this adorable picture of Sonam


Looks like Anand Ahuja just can’t get enough of admiring his bae Sonam Kapoor. While he made sure to accompany his girlfriend as she received her first ever National Award. The loving boyfriend just posted this ridiculously cute pic of the Kapoor girl with a caption saying, “my fave #everydayphenomenal” Aww, such a cutie! I mean, it’s not usual you get to see guys being so expressive but Anand definitely seems to be an exception when it comes to pouring his heart out for Sonam.

The day Sonam was declared as a National Award winner for Neerja, Anand had similarly gushed about the beauty through a heartfelt Insta post which read, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” #PabloPicasso … To@sonamkapoor , the purest exemplification of selflessness, contribution, thoughtfulness, love and care. Many congratulations to you and everyone around you, encouraging (and challenging) you to become the person you are.” With such an encouraging boyfriend, I don’t think Sonam will ever have any reasons to complain about.

Not to mention, Sonam’s family too seems to have well accepted Anand considering he attends most of the Kapoor gatherings. In fact, even at the National Awards ceremony this year, he was seen bonding with Sonam’s father Anil Kapoor who looked equally warm towards him. Now if these evidences aren’t enough to prove Sonam and Anand are going really strong with their relationship then I dunno what will.

While it’s left to see when will Sonam and Anand official take their relationship to the next level. The actress had recently hinted how she has nothing to hide as she said, “Honestly, that’s one aspect of my life I choose to not speak about at all. I have nothing to hide, so the people close to me know all they need to. I work very hard and I don’t feel the need to throw open discussions about my personal life. I’d rather people talk about my work.”