OMG: Angeline Jolie Thinks Her Husband Has Fathered Other Actress’ Children – Demands A Paternity Test!


According to a report in IANS, Angeline Jolie wants hubby Brad Pitt to take a DNA test. The point of this paternity test is to prove that he hasn’t fathered actress Mellisa Etheridge‘s children.

In a current talkshow, Mellisa exposed that she’d regarded requesting since her then-partner Julie Cypher and Mellisa needed a young child Brad to contribute his sperm. Nevertheless, fundamentally, singer David Crosby was utilized by the pair . As she believes he may be the actual dad to Mellisa’s today teen kids evidently, Angie is tremendous dubious of Brad today.
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Angie needs closing about the problem, therefore she’s challenging Brad endure a test. But Brad suggests Angie has been weird. Angie informed her spouse when he didn’t have a DNA examination, she’d proceed right to need and Melissa solutions.