OMG: “I’ve Had One-Night Stands In College,” Reveals This Bollywood Actor


Recently, we noticed the tremendous sumptuous newest tune, Ijazat Onenightstand, in the Warm Leone–Tanuj Virwani starrer. It’s currently very apparent the movie will not be too cold because it features many raunchy moments between your lead set to deal with.
He discussed while Occasions of Asia quizzed Tanuj while capturing these sex sequences

When Times of India quizzed Tanuj about his experience while shooting these lovemaking sequences, he shared:

I was a bundle of nerves. People would ask me if it was fun and I would say there are 50 people on set and a DOP is giving you instructions. It’s mechanical but it has to look sensual. Sunny made me feel comfortable during the scenes. If people like me in this film, the credit should go to her and our director Jasmine Moses D’Souza.

And the actor was also asked if he has had any one-night stands in his real life and he revealed:

I have had one-night stands while in college. Personally, I have nothing against them but in the longer run, it’s not the way ahead, especially if you are in a relationship or married. Priorities change. I think all of us go through this phase.