Pakistani actress Rabi Pirzada: Bollywood, specially Salman Khan, is ruining our youth


Pakistani singer and actress Rabi Pirzada is set on a new mission – to revive the dying film industry of Pakistan. That’s right, Lahore, which was the hub of Pakistani entertainment about two decades back, is apparently losing its magic due to the Pakistani audience opting for Bollywood films instead. Therefore, Rabi and her colleague Naseem Vicky have taken it upon themselves to make an interesting film with Pakistani values, and win back their audience.

During the launch of their film in Lahore, they spoke about the dire need to revive Lollywood. Rabi said, “Every other film released in Bollywood happens to be about crime or some criminal activities, especially films of Salman Khan. My question is, what are Indian film-makers teaching the youth? It seems like they are just promoting crime. There was a time when Pakistani cinema was at its peak, making films with moral lessons and plots highlighting social ethics. We were educating the society through our films but Bollywood has changed all of that.”

Naseem added, “We decided we will produce a story that carries a special lesson for Pakistani children. There is no shortage of talent in our country. The revival of our film industry has started and Rabi and I wish it to flourish here in Lahore once again. There is a dire need for us to produce films that attract viewers and that is what we will try our best to do with our joint venture. We will try to bring the audience back to cinema. Yousee, while Lollywood might have come alive again, it is still yet to produce a feature film that sheds light on the Pakistani identity. I am hopeful that in the coming months, Lahore will become the hub of local film-making again.”

Well, what do you think of that?