Priyanka Chopra is in a playful mood with her pet Diana in this picture


Priyanka Chopra adopted a cute little dog last year and named her Diana. She met her during a video segment with a popular media channel and fell in love with her instantly.

It has become the latest trend for celebrities to create an Instagram page for their pets and latest to do is Priyanka, who has created an account for her dog Diana Chopra.

The page is very much active and PeeCee shares her adorable and candid moments with her pet canine. Earlier, Diana shared a picture of Priyanka holding her little niece, who is sleeping in her arms, due to which Diana felt bit aloof.

She captioned the picture saying, “Err… that’s my spot, little one. I will let you have it… for now. But just remember, that’s MY spot. #JustSaying #PossessivePup @priyankachopra @chickyp85 @shireen_shiva_rose”

So, today to make up to that, Priyanka took Diana in her arms and they both are seen in a playful mood. Diana put a caption on it stating, “Sigh… back in my rightful spot!!! Still Mommy’s No.1… #JustSaying #DoggoRules