Rakhi Sawant on her leaked, viral video: It is either my duplicate or me


Controversy’s favourite child as Rakhi Sawant is often addressed as is back in the news. However, this time it isn’t some bold Rakhi comment or antic, it is because of a shocking clip that has gone viral.

The leaked video that has been floating around the Internet has the 38-year-old actress changing costume unaware of the camera.  The source of the clip is still unknown and has created quite a stir on the social media platforms.

Speaking to Pinkvilla Rakhi opened up on the controversy and said, “Yes, I saw the video and I am very upset. I have worked in the film industry for 11 years and have not experienced anything like this. I don’t know who it is, looks like me, maybe she is my duplicate. But it is not me. I am obviously worried about it, but I am a strong woman. I have always risen from my trouble and I am sure I will this time too.”

Rakhi added, “Sometimes I think maybe, it is me. Well, I don’t know what to think. However, I want to put it behind me.”

On the work front, after Ek Kahaani Julie Ki that was loosely based on media tycoon Indrani Mukerjea,  Rakhi is currently filming for Before Christmas in Kashmir.  Helmed by Shahid Kazmi, the film also stars Tariq Imtiaz.

The actress will be portraying the character of a drug addict and revealed that the film will explore many bold topics including bi-sexuality.

Meanwhile, Rakhi has also hit the headlines for supporting Ram Gopal Varma on his sexist and misogynist comment on International Women’s day.

Extending support to RGV Rakhi told a news portal, “Whatever Ram Gopal Varma said is right. I am with him, where he has praised Sunny Leone. I would also like to say that every woman, as said by Ram Gopal Varma, should learn to give pleasure.”

“Whatever he  [RGV] has said is true and I support him. A man lives with his wife for so many years, the wife serves him throughout her life and the moment a young, hot girl enters the man’s life, he forgets his wife, “ she further said.