Saif Ali Khan on son Taimur’s pic going viral: I didn’t intend to publish it but never mind


Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s baby boy Taimur is breaking the internet in all ways possible! If you think about it, the newborn has been creating a rage on social media, every time there’s something new about him surfaces on the medium. Wow, like mother like son, we’d say. While everybody swooning over the baby’s pic, which btw, is cute AF, there’s something you’d want to know about how this image surfaced on social media in the first place. Well, in a way, it’s because of Saif! Surprised? Turns out the actor made his son’s pic as his WhatsApp display pic and well, the rest is history. On Monday morning, the pic of baby Nawab popped up on social media. The blue eyed, brown haired boy’s look instantly left us in a tizzy. Bebo was right all along! Saif and Kareena’s baby boy Taimur is in fact, one of the most beautiful babies! But as the actor accepts that it’s his doings that the pic went viral, he didn’t intend to do so. As stated to Mumbai Mirror, the actor said, “I didn’t intend to publish it but never mind.”

While mommy and daddy are gushing over their newborn, even Priyanka Chopra complimented the little boy! The diva had stated, “It is such a wonderful moment and it is such a beautiful baby and he already has Kareena’s pout.” And guess what, she’s right after all! The pout is so like Bebo, but overall, he is a perfect mix of both his parents. Taimur may just be three months old but we’re pretty sure that fan clubs for the kiddo might already have kickstarted. Who wouldn’t be a fan of chote Nawab? The title is definitely befitting his look in every way

We have noticed one thing that parenthood hasn’t stopped Saifeena from spending alone time together. The couple has been going out for parties, dinners and more. And with each time we spot them, they only look hotter and hotter. Surely, they’ve managed to crack a schedule between ensuring being there for Taimur and having some time off for relaxing. Cute, isn’t it? Coincidentally, just last week, Shahid Kapoor shared Misha’s first pic! Well, the new star kid brigade is all set now with so many celeb babies on the block.