Shah Rukh Khan just made rolling on the sand look DAMN SEXY


Shah Rukh Khan, the name is enough to get collective sighs from every corner of the world. Age is making him so damn sexy that we are fixated on him. He recently turned 51 and then he posted a picture of himself rolling on the sand looking fascinatingly HAWT! What’s with these 50+ Bollywood males? Why can’t they just look like a regular 50 year old? Why do they have to look so irresistible?

Why are we getting so worked up about Shah Rukh Khan’s picture? With tousled hair and that disarming smile on his face, he’s rolling on the sand at a beach. We mean can you imaging the effect it will have on us? We are so taken! You won’t be able to take your eyes off him he is that good in this picture.

Shah Rukh is in Dubai for a project and when he is not doing business meetings, he is killing us with such snaps. Sand has never looked so alluring before Shah Rukh decided to play with it. Today, we can use Sonam Kapoor’s dialogue from Khoobsurat for you. ‘ Shah Rukh, tumko dekhke gand gande khayal aate hai maan mein’. Pardon us if we aren’t able to contain her love for him. He is just beyond beautiful.