Shahid Kapoor makes his sister-in-law’s day – find out how!


There is no doubt that Shahid Kapoor is one doting husband. The Rangoon actor is a devoted family man and now we heard that he is a cool brother-in-law too. Yes, the actor did something special for Mira Rajput’s sister, Priya and her son Vivan. It seems that Mira Rajput’s elder sister Priya and her son Vivan are a huge fan of Voice and they really like Neeti Mohan and Benny Dayal. Shahid who had recently come on the show was asked for a special favor by his sister-in – law, to visit the sets and see the shoot LIVE.

The mother-son duo did come on the sets and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. However, it was kept under wraps and no one was told about it. They sat in the audience just like the others and enjoyed the performances of the contestants. A little birdie on the sets tell us, “Our production received a call from Shahid’s team and asked us to arrange 2 seats in the audience as his sister –in-law and her son wanted to see the shoot live. It was an honor to have them on the sets and it feels nice to know that they love our show. They sat along with the audience and saw the shoot.”

Surprisingly, despite being such huge fans they did not click any pictures with the coaches nor the guests. As we know Shahid met Mira Rajput through his family. The Delhi girl comes from a business family with no relations to Bollywood. However, she is gelling in quite nicely with the Bollywood set. Recently, Mira’s statements on how being a homemaker was her choice received mixed reactions on social media. However, it is adorable to see how Shahid looks into the happiness of his extended family.