Top 10 Best Antivirus For PC Windows – 2016


Desktops, Laptop and smartphones becomes a part of our day to day life. All these devices contain number of important files, projects, documents and other stuff like music, songs, games and other applications. But as our devices contains huge amount files. So it necessary to take care about the protection from virus.  As we are using number of different applications and software in our devices. We download them and install them without reading any conditions and install just by doing next, next and next. No doubt we all don’t have so much time to read each and every point comes while installation. During this some unwanted files which includes Trojans, Malware, Spam and other viruses. Which may cause any great problem for your device.  So to protect your devices from them its necessary to install some best antivirus for PC which protect your offline and also online web data more secure and make your firewall more stronger.

List of Best Antivirus For PC Windows.

1. AVG Antivirus.

Personally i also use AVG freeware home edition for PC protection. AVG provides better security from different viruses and other Trojans within the applications. AVG provides computer, Web, Email, Identity and also make your firewall more secure. AVG also have PC analyzer which recover your registry, error, junk and fragment files.


2. Kaspersky Antivirus.

Second anti-virus software which we can’t forget  for security. It provide protection from malicious files which latest. It also provide protection from hacking files.

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3. Avast Antivirus.

For your personal computer protection avast is also best software. But at the level of profession Avast have limits but it provide best security from small unwanted files and viruses.

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4. Avira Antivirus.

I also use avira many times for my personal computer it is also freeware and provide protection from number of different viruses, malware, adware and also from the autorun files which may harm your device. Avira automatically detect and remove all these unwanted files and make your pc more safe.

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5. Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is not a full protection anti-virus software but you can use it with other anti-virus for more protection. It is light waited software. Malwarebytes provide best protection for web. It remove and block unwanted software, adware which automatically comes in your PC and you are not able to remove. Malwarebytes automatically remove all these files for better protection.

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malwarebyte antivirus pc interface

6. Bit Defender Total Security.

It is one of the amazing software in the list of best Antivirus tool for PC. It is an award winning Antivirus program. It is a best anti malware program. It keep our PC secure from many type of malicious programs and virus. It provide one year license for three PC only in 58.47 USD dollars. It keep our PC safe and secure from malicious program. It is available for different version of Windows .It also provide 30 days trial free of cost.

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Bit Defender Total Security PC Antivirus

7. Eset Smart Security.

Eset Smart Security is one of the famous program in the list of best Antivirus for PC. It is cross platform app which is available for Windows, MAC, Linux and Android phone. It is paid antivirus which provide its trial version for free with limited features. It can easily detect malware, auto-run, Trojan horse and other virus. It provide fast scanning speed and optimize system activities and maximize its performance. Its various packs are available on its website which is given below.

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Eset Smart Security PC Antivirus

8. 360 Total Security.

It is also a good antivirus in the list of Best Antivirus for PC. It is totally free to download. It is available for Windows, MAC and Android. It is a light weight software tool with awesome interface. It provide complete protection from virus, Trojans and other potential threats. It keep our system performance optimize by managing its services, boot up items etc. It also clean our PC by removing junk file.

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360 Total Security PC Antivirus

9. Smadav Antivirus.

If you are afraid of Shortcut antivirus and want to freedom from it without installing heavy antivirus then this is good option for you. It is a light weight tool with awesome green interface. It provide total protection of our USB flash devices. It automatic detect and scan our USB after plug in. It also unhide the hidden files easily. It also provide its free version and pro version. Pro version provide some additional features like auto update, schedule scanning etc.

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Smadav Antivirus 2016 PC Antivirus

10. Panda Antivirus.

It is also a good antivirus tool. If you are looking for a good antivirus tool with low cost then this is good option. We can easily protect our internet browsing, Baking and our social sites. It also keep our CPU speed fast and optimized. It keep us secure from our malware, shortcut virus, Trojan horse etc. It is a light weight tool with smart security.

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I hope you like these best antivirus for PC and also share your ideas which free anti-virus you use for your home PC protection and why ?