Top 10 Richest Bollywood Celebrities in 2015

Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood industry is considered to be among the best and popular movie industry in the world. It is famous for its movies, actors and actresses and is considered to be a multi-million dollar industry.

Bollywood makes more movies than Hollywood industry each year. The huge demand of Bollywood actors and actresses in endorsements, advertisements and movies have made the celebrities very rich. Here is a list of the richest Bollywood celebrities in the year 2014-15:

10. Priyanka Chopra

Earnings: 54.4 crore
Per movie charge:
3- 5 crore

Priyanka Chopra

One of the Bollywood’s International name in Hollywood Priyanka Chopra had two big hits in her last films with Krissh 3 and Marry Kom. Her songs with Pit Bull and Will I Am top Indian charts. Her income comes from her movies, music albums and her being brand ambassador of various international brands.