Top 7 Best Android Emulator For PC Windows/MAC – 2016


Android smartphones are widely used today. It becomes essential part for daily routine like we do internet surfing, Play songs, Videos, games and for using various Apps. Android is powerful operating system  based on Linux which runs on almost all Android Smartphones and tablets. Android mobile plays all functionality very well but mobiles with less hardware can’t give you the actual enjoy of games because of less graphic support and Ram. Some times it is costlier for anyone to buy a costly Android phone having latest features. For such situation the best solution is using best  android emulator for PC. Android Emulator are used to create virtual run time environment for Apps. It provides hardware support to run Apps and games more efficiently. If you are searching for best android emulators to Run Android Apps on PC. Here are some best android emulator for PC windows which provides you best environment to enjoy android on windows. Choose any of the best according to your need.

List Of Best Android Emulator For PC Windows & MAC.

1. BlueStacks.

Bluestacks is widely used android emulator for PC. It does not required virtualbox support to create runtime environment for Android Apps. It provide easy one click installation and used in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 . It is free available. It Provide easily installation of Android Apps apk’s and third party apk’s. It can also be used to run IOS Apps on Mac and Windows. After the installation of blue stacks, you can search and download Android Apps to Run.

2. GenyMotion.

GenyMotion is another Android Emulator for PC to run apps and games. Once you install GenyMotion it also install oracle virtual box side-wise to create Runtime Environment for Android Apps. It is also freely available. It provide you the full Android experience. It also provide the feature to choose from many Android Smartphones and tablets and enjoy its features. It is mainly used by developers to test their Apps.


3. Native Android Emulator.

Native emulator is another popularly used Android Emulator for windows PC. It provide the user with the interface of an Android mobile. The user can install any Apps of  choice and run it on the emulator.This Emulator comes with Google development kit. It is available for Windows and Mac. After its installation we simply need to download the Apps apk’s we want to use. It offer high performance and quite simple interface of selected Android phone.


4. YouWave.

YouWave Emulator is another popular Android emulator for PC. It is the combination of BlueStacks and Native emulator. It provide the user with two screen parts. The left part of screen shows the installed applications and the right part shows the view of your mobile screen. It is not freely available and offer 10 days trail in its free version. It only support the 4.0 jelly Bean of Android version. It also depends on virtualbox for runtime environment.


5. Jar Of Beans.

Jar of Beans is developed only for Android jelly Bean version as it is clear from its name. It is available on its official website for free. Once we install this we only need to download the apk’s of the application we want to install. Jar Of Bean is available for all versions of Windows and interface is quite user friendly and offer high performance.


6. Windroy.

Windroy is one of the most commonly used android emulator for Windows PC as it is clear from its name. One of its important features is that it works completely using Windows Kernal. Another important feature is that it does not require virtualbox support to create runtime environment for Android Apps and is very light weight. If you do not want to install virtualbox then you should use it.


7. Andyroid.

Andyroid is another best android emulator for PC Windows 7, 8, 10. It has some special features like use your phone asremote while game, ARM support, also you can direct download Apps from your host Operating System. It also require virtual box support to Android Apps.


So above given are the best android emulator for PC which let you to run android apps easily on you windows. If you know any of the best android emulator which is missing, don’t forget to share in comments.