Top 7 Best USB Encryption Software – 2016


 Pendrive are devices which offer large data storage capacity and have longer life than Disks. USB drives are used to store and transfer data between computers. USB drives are also used for software installation like Operating system because it provide fast processing speed as compared to CD’s and DVD’s. We already explained the method about making  bootable USB for windows.  Even their multiple functionalities of pendrive which are useful. Like we can also be used them to increase our system RAM  Capacity by using Pendrive as RAM.
In Some situations we need to keep our data  secure from other users. Then only possible ways we have are by hiding files and folders or by using password. But the more secure ways in both method is to protect pendrive with Password. So that even we misplaced our USB device no one can access or use our valuable data. So their are many pendrive password protection software some are free and rest others are paid. So today here in this topic we are going to listed out all useful and working USB encryption software for PC. Which help to protect USB data in more secure way.

List Of Best USB Encryption Software’s.

1. USB Flash Security.

USB flash Security is one of most commonly used tool to encrypt USB drives. It provide services for free upto 4GB capacity drives. It is available for all Windows versions. This tool allow us to  use a password  to encrypt and decrypt the drive. After each time we insert the drive you have to use the password to access the files. It is light weight tool and used 256 bit encryption.

2. Secure Stick.

Secure Stick is another freeware USB encryption tool that provide the same USB encryption functionality as USB Flash Security but it can encrypt pendrives more than 4GB capacity. It does not need administrator permission to run that is it can run on every user account. It is compatible with Windows all versions as well as 64 bit version. It does not need installation and is light weight software.

secure stick usb encryption software

3. Cryptainer LE.

Cryptainer LE is another encryption tool that works not only on USB drives but also on hard disk and CD Rom’s. It Uses 448 bit encryption algorithm to encrypt data. It create 100 MB partitions in which we drag the files which we need to encrypt. It has one unique feature that allows users to send encrypted files via E-mail so that security transfers will no longer be a reason to worry.

crytainerle usb encryption software

4. True Crypt.

True Crypt is an open Source data device encryption tool that is very efficient, time saving tool. It can encrypt  the hard drive partition even after window is installing it. True Crypt  have a number of encryption algorithms. once we have applied the encryption procedure that is required in the first place, all further data transferred to or from a chosen drive is automatically encrypted. I preferred to use this tool if you want more security.

truecrypt usb encryption software

5. DiskCryptor.

DiskCryptor is another open source storage device encryption tool that can encrypt USB flash drives, hard disk, CD Rom drives. It can support both FAT and NTFS file system. It uses AES, Twofish, Serpert algorithms to encrypt your drives. To encrypt a drive we have to choose a password of our choice. We can also change password. It encrypt all volume of USB, we can’t select volume to encrypt.
diskcrytor usb encryption software

6. Remora USB Disk Guard.

Remora USB Disk Guard is freeware commonly used USB encryption tool. It uses 128 bit encryption technique to encrypt data. We can easily encrypt files, folder with Remora USB disk Guard by using a user name and password to use the encrypted USB. It also provide option to encrypt a specific file and folder instead of all USB drive.

remora usb disk guard encryption software

7. Free USB Security.

Free USB Security is free USB encryption software used to encrypt the drive by using a password provided by us. It install a exe file on our drive and hide the content of our drive that is file and folders. When we execute the file it ask for the password to encrypt the drive. It can encrypt the drive having capacity greater than 4GB.

free usb security encryption software

So these some best usb encryption software which you can download and use to protection your pendrive with password easily. I hope you like them and don’t forget to share it with other. Keep Sharing Stay Safe 🙂