Virat Kohli’s latest video has sent Twitterati abuzz with rumours of his marriage with Anushka Sharma


Virat Kohli had send the online media on a frenzy when he posted a video a few days ago, along with the caption, “When you’ve got something to tell the world. But you can’t yet. #Forever”. The ‘Forever’ phrase was the one that was caught by his many fans who feel that the Indian Cricket Captain is all set to announce his marriage with his beau, actress – producer Anushka Sharma. While we don’t really think so, that video was enough for his fans and admirers to fervently wait for the cricketer to announce something any time soon about this.

Well, the wait is about to end, as Virat Kohli has posted another video with a caption saying, “Tomorrow. The big day. Secret revealed. Ready? #Forever” The video also has Virat Kohli say the same thing against a dark grey background. Naturally, this video has sent another wave of excitement among fans, with many wondering whether he is really married to Anushka Sharma, and is making the announcement public tomorrow.

Here’s the tweet,