When Sunny Leone Came To This Hottie’s Rescue…


Newcomer Nyra Banerjee is super lucky to have a co-star like Sunny Leone in One Night Stand. During the shoot of an intense action scene, the former sprained her neck rather badly and the latter came to her rescue. Apparently, Nyra was hellbent on getting the scene right but she also didn’t want the film unit to spend extra time shooting because of her. Though she needed rest, she was required to get a brief on her sequence so that she learns everything before going in front of the camera.

When contacted Nyra, she said “Sunny is the nurturing and supportive and kind. She is grounded, in spite of her stature and experience.  She has come to my rescue, many times while we shot for the movie. It was really a great experience working with her.”

Moreover, while Sunny’s birthday is on May 13th, Nyra’s birthday is 14th May and both the Taurians bonded quite a lot over their zodiac sign.And the sweetheart that Sunny is, she offered to rehearse Nyra’s scenes so that the newbie could understand the body movements required for it without hurting her neck any further.