Whoa! Aamir Khan just called himself a sex therapist on Koffee With Karan 5 and you gotta know why!!!


We so didn’t see this coming. I mean, no seriously! We’re sure everyone is used to see the perfectionist side of Aamir or say this actor whose life is nothing beyond films and marketing. But look what just happened! Aamir on tonight’s episode of Koffee With Karan 5 decided to show this rather interesting side of himself by dropping naughty ideas. Like take for instance this one where he referred to himself as a ‘Sex therapist’  – now can you believe it someone like Aamir who always prefers being logically/socially/ politically correct, just said that?

It so happened that host Karan Johar trapped Aamir with his famous rapid round which although started off on a decent note but eventually led to get a lot out of Aamir. So one of the questions required Aamir to relate actors to what would they be if they had secret lives and there…there… While Aamir was quick enough to prompt ‘stripper’ as soon as he heard Ranveer Singh’s name. Little did anyone expect that he would label him as the ‘sex therapist’ Yes! Everyone including Karan and Aamir’s Koffee couch partners aka his Dangal daughters Fatima and Sania were amused on hearing this. But Aamir didn’t feel a bit embarrassed when he made this revelation on a national television. In stead, he stressed over the fact saying hang out with me and you would know what I am good at. Ahem! And you thought this man is boring?

Add to this, Aamir even made a similar comment when Karan asked him to state that one any girl should do if she wants to get closer to him. He said, “Let her just come close, rest all I’ll do it.” I mean, whoa! Look at that answer! Dunno about you guys but we are certainly taken aback after hearing Aamir’s confessions. But of course, that’s what Koffee With Karan is all about and like Arbaaz Khan recently mentioned, not everything that you say on KWK should be taken seriously.